The Vet Gave Them The Best Gift Over The Festive Season. This Shocked Them!


When a disc slipped into the back of 4 years-old Dachshund Lola, she needed to undergo a surgery worthy $6000. She was in need of this life-saving procedure since she was not able to walk.

The biggest challenge was; it was quite expensive for David and Sumey –her owners. That made them to make the most difficult and least expected decision. Feeling defeated and heartbroken, they were forced to give their beloved companion to a rescue group within their locality.

Then a miracle happened!

When Michael Wrong (a veterinarian) learnt that Lola was about to be homeless since her family was not able to afford the surgery, he came up with an unthinkable plan. He decided to perform the operation free of charge. Upon successfully conducting the surgery, he took Lola back to her parents from the shelter. Though the husband knew the entire plan beforehand, Sumey was not aware of the awaiting surprise!

This was the couple’s best gift over this festive season.

If only we had many veterinarians like Dr. Wrong!

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