Two Dogs Go Missing From A Rescue Centre, You Won’t Believe It 61 Days Later…


Two foster dogswent missing from a rescue centre in Canada. The rescuers workeduntiringly to find them. They did not give up the search despite the hard times they faced.

After 61 long days, the rescuers were able to find the missing dogs.

The search was a dangerous affair. The rescuers swam across dangerous rivers in pursuit of the lost canines.  Their efforts show that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

To show how serious they were about their search, the rescuers used techniques such as thermal imaging units and abloodhound. The rescuers put out ‘Lost Dog” posters.

What technique worked best for them? The five cameras they set in the woods were the ultimate life savers.  The dogs were caught roaming in the woods.  The rescuers set up a trap for the dogs.

Initially, the dogs were saved from someone’s property. As a result, they became scared of humans. However, they received some love and care in the rehabilitation centre.

Watch the video and see the bond between the two cute dogs. It is a video that animal lovers will love.

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