Two Dogs Get Tangled Up, Now Look What The One On Top Is Doing, I Can’t Stop Laughing!


I don’t know about you but when I watched the following clip, I had to press the play button again and again, trying to establish how it really happened. What I can say is that the two dogs happened to be joined together in some way, in that one of them had to walk while carrying the other one on the back. I bet that it is appears to be funny when you look at them, but above all is the puzzle of how they happened to find themselves like that. There is no doubt that you will certainly laugh on seeing the clip.

Questions will be how did they get tangled, and for which purpose? My observation was that the dog on the other’s back finds it difficult to loosen itself from the other, and the other one walking denies the other one the opportunity to loosen itself by refusing to stop.

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