They Thought This Dog Was Surely Going To Die When This Happened… Watch!


We all know how difficult it is to give bad news to those we love. It is the last thing that you ever want to do. It hurts and you sometimes feel like you should not even be the one to give it. That is why when you know that what was potentially going to be bad news turns out to be good news, and then generally it calls for celebration. In such times, you simply feel like you just got a reverse of the bad situation. That was what was experienced in the video below. The dog had a tumor that was likely to turn out to be a cancer.

The doctors had said it only had a 10 percent chance of survival if indeed the tumor was going to be diagnosed as cancerous. In the history of Golden retrievers, they never had an experience where they survived such a tumor. So when the news came out that the tumor was not cancerous, the mom could not wait to give this good news. She was just so ecstatically happy and understandably so. Watch and SHARE this amazing video with family and friends. This is a good motivation video for all those who fear what tomorrow could bring.


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