Though On the Verge of Death, This Dog’s Determination Sees Him through… Unbelievable!


The family that Zeus lived never wanted a defective dog and that is what made them to abandon him. They left him at a local shelter.

They never loved him in the first place because Zeus was paralyzed. When this happened, not even Zeus knew that a new chapter was about to be opened in his life.

Zeus could not have been saved from the high-kill shelter had it not been for the folks at St. Francis CARE.  Once he was taken in by these heroes located in Murphysboro, Illinois, he was showered with the love her has never had.

He was subjected to hydrotherapy and slowly by slowly started recovering. He started to exhibit some movements by his own. Thanks to people on Facebook, they made some contributions and bought him a wheelchair when they heard he needed one!

Amidst a lot of adversity and setbacks, Zeus never gave up and this inspired those around him. He had to crawl when he had to, got up no matter how many time he fell and at the end, he made it. The whole adventure seemed like a miracle.

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