This Dog Can’t Stop Throwing A Tantrum. Reason? So Crazy!


Some dogs can’t think better than a 3-year old kid- I have my own reasons to support that. Their desires, needs and wants usually differ and know how to make those around them to know when they are sad and happy. This can be better illustrated by one adorable pup that literally barks as a way of showing his owner how frustrated he is for making him leave a dog park earlier than expected.

Once you watch this funny video, you will be able to see that all that this dog wanted was to keep on playing as opposed to going home. This is enough to show that just like kids, dogs also love playing at the parks. This Corgi is not one to keep his silence, he wants the owner to know how sad he is and does it like any emotional toddler could have done. If he had the ability to talk, he could have told the driver to take him back to the park.

Have you ever come across a pet that knows how to show his or her own frustration? If so, which technique does it use to express his or her feelings? Kindly SHARE you story with us by commenting below and let your friends also watch this clip!


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