There’s Something Really Cute Between This Fox And The Dog. I’m In Love!


Time and again we’ve been thrown off our feet by some unexpected deviations from natural laws, especially when it has things to do relationships between animals of divergent species. Long ago, no one really expected to ever bump into a video featuring cats and dogs as best friends. Did you?!

Well, it seems like this trend is now taking a “wild” turn. Creaturesfrom deep in the bushes can now strike up some great rapport with domestic counterparts in more ways than you can imagine. This is the clip that’s about to blow your mind!

Here’s a fox, and then we’ve a dog. Now, the fox seems to have developed a fixation towards the domestic canine, and the two have forged the kind of bond that can only be described as that of best buddies. Just watch this and crack a smile. It’s so cute!

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