Stray Pup Carries Food Bowl For Begging. So Heartbreaking!


We ought to know that pets are creatures who fully depend on us for survival.

World Animal Awareness, is a non-profit organization which has a function of observing and documenting animals. Their clips are used to create awareness to us humans on how best we can get to relate with animals and what ways are considered the best in taking good care of them.

On one of their filed workknown as American Strays Project, which entails documenting stray animals, they happened to meet with this dog which they decided to record what he was doing. Practically, the pup was moving from house to house with a food bowl begging for food. Watching this video turned me emotional. For sure, if a dog does this is a clear sign that he used to have an owner once who fed him using a bowl and now that he is a stray dog, he carries the bowl to beg for something to eat.
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