The Stray Dog Couldn’t Stop Barking, Then She Decided To Follow It. The Discovery? What A Shock!


This stray dog was declared a hero when he had to bark continuously so as to attract attention of passersby and guide them to the place where a wasted mother dog and her 10 puppies were.

Currently, all the 10 pups and her mother are alive and kicking, thanks to the stray dog.Speaking to “Fox and Friends Weekend,” an animal rescuer by the name of Marina Tarashevsce, who works at Dallas Dogrrr– an organization that rescues, rehabilitates and reforms said that because of the stray dog’s barking, she realized something was wrong. The worrying barks made her to follow Mona to her friend who she thought that was pregnant, only to be led to the puppies.

As Marina neared Mona, she would move away and continue the fierce barking, as if to say keep following me.

Presently, the puppies are having a good life together with their mother at an adoptive home. The rescue team is hoping that forever homes for the puppies will be found after they stop breastfeeding.

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