This Strangers Where Not Expecting This When They Decided To Rescue This Adorable Scared Girl… What A Shock!


Saving trapped dogs in ditches and streets are growing rampant nowadays. Homeless dogs are found everywhere, they’re either abandoned by their owners or were just left behind to fend for their selves. But things don’t end there because there are people out there who really care for stray animals.

This video by ‘Rescue from the Hart’ shows a feisty dog putting up a struggle into being caught. She was scared for her life not knowing where she should be going or which direction leads away from these strangers who wish to tie her to a leash. Skye, by which the dog was named, was in someone’s backyard and these strangers wanted to find and catch her and give her a new home. Unknowingly though, days after Skye’s rescue came about the birth of ten adorable puppies.

It never crossed in their minds that saving one life would mean saving the life of ten more. And the surprise of this delightfully growing village made saving the life of one worth it and even more satisfying. The delight of finding Skye homeless and bearing the young of ten pups were beyond what any owner or rescuer dream of. Animal rescuers do things like this for the sake of doing well with no less than a good set of thanks from a happy family of eleven.

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