She’s Paralyzed, But She Won’t Be Left Out Of This Homecoming. WatchThis Dog!


Just before their dad went ondeployment, Melissa Swanson and her hubby adopted Emma, meaning thatshehad some time to know the dad before he left. Emma is a special needs dog. The couple adoptedher from SNARR, a rescue group that helps paralyzed dogs.

The couple took care of Emma. They even had a special wheelchair for her, although she didn’t it like it. But she can still move around by herself withouthaving to use it anyway.Well, one day, somethinghappenedthatbrought to light the true display of happiness and dedication of Emma. You’ll love it!

So the soldier dad finally showed up, and Melissa and her husbandrushed to welcome him.Emma, too, saw him, and that’swhen everyone got to realize just how much of a bond she had forged with dad.She doesn’t give a hoot about the descent. All she wants it to reach the door and greetdad. This is cute. And whenhe picks her up? Cuter!

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