For Several Days This Dog Couldn’t Leave The Gate. The Reason Left Me In Tears!


In most cases, we watch TV to stay updated with the various shows and news. Still, there are a number of commercials which teach us a lot about life. The commercial you are about to watch below originates from Thailand and you will find yourself shedding tears once you watch it. Though it was posted on YouTube barely a month ago, it has gone viral. It has been viewed by over 2 million people.

It is a story of a young lady who ended up becoming a veterinarian. While she was a young child, she was scared of a neighbor’s dog called Olieng.  She had thought the dog was cruel, but unknown to her, Olieng lived with an elderly lady who he was trying to protect.

There came a time and the old woman became sick and was taken to hospital on a stretcher. The girl could pass by and saw how heartbroken the dog was while waiting for the woman to return. Due to loneliness, Olieng lost appetite. The young girl was touched and started bringing food to him. After a while, the two became friends and she finally adopted him.

Olieng could wait for her to come from school. Then the unexpected happened – one day the dog did not show up when she alighted the train while returning from school.

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