They Sent Out A Desperate Call For Help, And What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart. It’s Like A Miracle!


Two cute dogs, Kala and Keira were at the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue center in Atlanta, but things seemed to suddenly turn ugly one Monday morning. The dogs’ time at the center was up, and they would either get adopted fast, or get put down.

However, the rescue staff members are not beasts, so they put out one more ad in a desperate move to get the dogs a forever home.But it’s the heart-touching way in which they presented the ad thatcaptured the hearts of so many people across the planet.

So they got a photo of the two cute animals hugging each other, and got Kala to send desperate call for help, in form of text. The message is so penetrating, so much that within two hours of the photo being posted on Facebook, someone had already come out to takes the dogs home with them.The dogs were so happy that they showered the new owner with countless kisses as a sign of instant love. Great!

The shelter staff expressed their deep-felt happiness as they celebrated the new twist of fate for the two best friends.


Angels Among Us Pet Rescue posted the below photo of Kala and Keira, two dogs scheduled for euthanization, on Facebook on Monday.


The photo went VIRAL and also found the dogs a home.

11703474_10153190881532912_3851450057886040302_o-600x480Courtesy Angels Among Us Pet Rescue


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