Seen Many Dog Rescue Videos, But This One Made Me Shed Tears, So Touching!!


For ages, it has been known that the dog is the best friend of man. Though, there are people who don’t consider this like those in the Michigan streets who are using them in a bad way.

A discovery was made by the Michigan Humane Society, whereby the husks were being used to bait fight.

While in office, the Michigan Humane Society investigators received a phone call. The call stated that a thin stray dog was spotted at a dumping place.

The group acted quickly by going to the venue and found him. They leashed the dog and gave it some help of walking as it was very weak. They took and gave it a good shower, food and water before taking it to the vet.

As it goes, there are some things to consider before a dog can pronounced fit to be adopted. The video below shows how this dog who was saved is eating greedily.
Many times, these cruelty officers are tipped about streets dogs wandering around. Most of these dogs have gone through a tough life. The majority of them are rescued from empty homes and in neglected places. Generally, these dogs look wasted and ill because they don’t feed well.
Kudos to the Michigan Humane Society, for letting people know the hardships dogs go through and for rescuing them too!

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