What A Meeting To Remember For A Nurse Who Survived Ebola!


It was while treating Thomas Eric Duncan-one of the Ebola victims that one Dallas nurse by the name Nina Pham was diagnosed with the infection. That meant that chances of re-uniting with her dog Bentley or family members were very minimal.

When she was hospitalized, the dog was taken and quarantined. After Nina was released when she had fully recovered, her best friend Bentley had to be subjected to a series of tests to ensure he had no infection. The two were finally allowed to meet after what seemed like eternity. Not even the doctors thought this will ever happen and their meeting attracted a lot of attention.

According to Pham, the meeting seemed like Christmas to her. She had an amazing feeling to have the chance of re-uniting with her friend once more.

She felt like meeting Bentley was like opening a new chapter in her life as she was trying to rediscover her former self.

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