Owner Shocked When Her Cat and Dog Become Friends. This Will Make You Smile!


Cats can be naughty. They especially are capable of stealing the dog’s bed! Although cats and dogs do not get along well, it is rather adorable when they understand each other and stay peacefully.

In this particular video, the owner was suspicious something was going wrong. The house is too silent for her cat and dog to actually be in. she walks into the room and does not believe what she sees! Her naughty cat was again sleeping in the dog’s bed peacefully. But this time, the dog did not seem disturbed, she was very warm and seemed to enjoy it.

The owner in utter disbelief grabs her camera as the dog slept next to the sphinx cat. They looked like buddies sharing the dog’s bed like that. She was even more excited when she noticed the dog use the cat as a pillow so warmly curled up. The cat seemed to be having a great time sharing her space. These tow pets have grown to have a cute friendship.

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