Owner Lures Dog To Reveal What’s In His Mouth. Surprisingly… I Can’t Believe My Eyes!


Even though dogs are the best friend of man because of their loyalty, they sometimes can be very cunning and sly pets.

It is a fact that when you have a dog as a pet, you will never get bored. This is because they are simply funny creatures. Another character they have is that of always trying to never leave anything good tasting that happens to cross their way. I bet that no dog will leave a delicious dish or snack whatsoever, without having a share of it.

If you doubt this, then the following video will convince you of the same. In the clip, we meet a dog who looks healthy. But when you take a good look of him, you’ll realize that his mouth is full of something. So the owner decided to inquire which something can it be. She goes ahead to call the pooch using sweet names so as he can get closer to her and suspect nothing. The sweet words lure the pup into exposing what he has been hiding in the mouth.

What!!! I can count one, two, three….I can’t believe they were nine of them. But how all that entered his mouth?

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