The Owner Was Filming Her Dogs, What She Captured On Camera? My Heart Is Melting!


Humans mothers are ever occupied – even animal mothers never miss out on this. The way the Husky that is featured within this video operates justifies that. She notices her seven puppies are getting restless and decides they need some play to freshen them up.

A camera had been set by the owner within the house which ended up capturing the way she plays with her babies. She is the leader of the play and keeps on jumping and run on the coach and her puppies try to follow whatever she’s doing. It’s so interesting to watch them play and though the mother is a bit faster than the puppies, their play is so adorable. Some parts of their game make her appear the one enjoying the play most compared to the puppies.

It seems to me this is mom’s plan of wearing out the kids in preparation for a nap. It’s so heartwarming watching them play around the house as a team. Mother- babies bond can’t get any sweeter than this!

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