Nothing Melts My Heart Like Someone Showing Kindness To Animals. Take A Look!


A sense of sadness sweeps over me when I encounter helpless and abandoned animals.  I treasure and appreciate the efforts of the animal rescue officers. The officers give the animals a new lease of life. They treat them, and that makes a big difference in their lives.

Rey, a floppy puppy, is one of the beneficiaries of the kind act. The animal was rescued and sheltered by Vet Ranch.

Dr. Carrie said that Rey was discovered by one of the vets in the facility. The vet was going through on ad on Craiglist and stumbled upon the little canine. Some had rescued Rey from the street by someone. There was a high possibility Rey would land in the wrong hands. They needed to act fast.

The dog found a new home in the rescue center. The vets noticed Rey was blind and could not stop shaking. The dog was put under medical observation immediately. Though the blind dog will continue feeling jittery as long he lives, he found a haven in the shelter. The vets refer to him as the “Rey of Sunshine.”

My heart melts as I watch how Dr.Carrie cuddles the dog. It is a sight to behold.

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