Kind Vet Shares A Breakfast Moment With A Dog – Heartwarming!


Angels also come in human form. Andy Mathis, who is a vet in Georgia, was about to leave work when he received a phone call. The caller told him that she saw a starving dog on the roadside that needed urgent medical attention. Mathis asked the lady caller to take the dog to him.

True to her word, the dog was sick. It was hypothermic, weak and suffered from a severe vaginal prolapse. According to the vet, the chances of survival were minimal. Dr.Mathis went ahead and asked for help from animal lovers on Facebook.

In his Facebook post, he was torn between euthanizing or rescuing her. The Facebook community asked him to rename the dog. Graycie Claire was the new name given to the dog. The Y comes from her gray color.

In the video, the vet is seen sitting with Graycie in the kennel, trying to feed her. Gracycie has gained some weight although she trusts no one. The vet had his breakfast in the kennel together with the dog.

Watch as Graycie and Dr.Mathis enjoy their breakfast in the kennel. Please SHARE the video on Facebook if you felt touched!


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