Kiah The Police Pit Bull Is Driving People Crazy. Watch The STUNNING Experience!


People love to hate pit bulls. Well, one dog’s abilities will probably change some people’s perception.

Kiah is a two-year-old that works for the police force. She is the newest kid on the block in the Poughkeepsie Police Department. What isKiah’s role in the force?

Kiah is a dog drug detective. Kiah bursts drug peddlers and users, no wonder people have a bad rap about pitbulls. The canine sniffs them out and exposes their dirty dealings. The media has partly contributed to people hating pit bulls. Sadly, all dog breeds are trainable, even the docile Chihuahua, to be police dogs. It is time to stop stereotyping pit bull as dangerous.

Watch the amazing video of Kiah as she executes her police duties. Probably, we will start appreciating her breed.

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