What a Heroic Dog to Have! It Alerted the Neighbor of His Owner’s Misfortunes and Saved the Day!


This Vietnam veteran has known no other true companion for a number of years than his 10 years of age boxer-pit bull by the name Chance. Though dogs are known to offer lots of comfort to their owners such as helping pass time when around them, but for Colin, his dog means a lot more to him: he owes his life to his dog since it saved his life.

Dogs have the ability of sensing when something bad is about to happen and react to curb the situation. It was upon noticing that all was not well with his owner that Chance decided to act the situation demanded. The dog’s great intuition and top-class training is evident over her. This raises the need to train our dogs well irrespective of their breed since one day they might end up saving the day!

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