Harvey, A TV Star Dog, Finds Love At Last – You Can’t Miss This Moment Of Cuteness!


Harvey is one lucky dog. Do you remember Harvey and his rescue story in 2004?

He has made a name for himself in the recent past. Well, are you curious what Harvey has been up to?

Harvey has become a TV star. The dog has featured in several advertisements that have left humans yearning for more. Our star dog works with ThinkboxTV ads and every time; he has something new for his audience.

He has outdone himself in his last advert. In the Boxing Day advert, Harvey is out on a speed-date. He is hitting the real jackpot. Our cute dog has found love.

In the video, Harvey and his new catch are having a time of their lives, even after Harvey” retires.”

To get a glimpse of Harvey and his new catch, and what happened after they met, watch the clip below. Please SHARE with others on Facebook!


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