A Dying Man Discovers An Old And Dilapidated Church. His Next Move Will Intrigue You!


Greg Thomas was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 57 years. The doctor gave him a few months to live. They told his family to get ready with Greg’s burial plans.

Greg and his dog took long walks everyday through Minnesota despite his body growing weaker each passing day. During one of their walks, the duo decided to take a different route. The new route led them to something magnificent. It was a 150-year old church that Czech settlers built back in the day.

The small wooden church looked dilapidated; the paint was peeling off, and it was beginning to decay. The floor was rotting, and the roof appeared tattered. No one had set foot in the church for 70 years.

Greg and his dog sat on the steps of the old church. He cried and prayed for a miracle.

The sick and dying man felt an urge to go inside the church. Once inside, he felt the urge to restore the church to its previous glory.

Despite being sick, Greg’s prayer for a miracle was answered. You do not have to a believer to be moved by what followed over the next few years.

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