Dogs Can Be Goofy At Times, But The One In The Video Below Has Gone Overboard!


Dogs do foolish things. Some of them will leave you laughing uncontrollably while others will leave you in anger. In this video below, we see a dog that attempts to reach the last potato from the top of the counter. The video will crack your ribs after you watch it to the end.

The dog comes across a potato at the top of the counter. The dog opts to get the last portion. But it is not a simple assignment. To start with, the top of the table is slimy, and the potato is far from the dog’s access.

The dog tries the first time, loses balance and vanishes under the table. The dog makes many attempts without success. You can see the disappointment on the dog’s face after every attempt.

Watch this dog as it is mocked into accessing the tater. We anticipate that in the end, his master rewarded him for his great effort. It ought to have some gratitude.

I’m now warning you, before you start watching this video, grab your handkerchief! This video will leave you in stitches. As you watch, kindly SHARE this funny video clip widely with all your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Also, remember to leave a comment below.


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