The Dog Saw The Stuffed Up Tiger In The Kitchen! What An Astonishing Reaction!


This is a real test to our pets. It just happened unsurprisingly enough. A family had bought a stuffed tiger from the shops, and took it home. They then placed the tiger at the kitchen, and made sure that all the cameras were turned on to capture their pet dog’s reactions towards this stuffed tiger. Common knowledge tell us that the dog’s first move was to sniff at the intruder, to find out if he was real or fake. This never happened, as the dog started barking as soon as he entered the kitchen door and saw the tiger. He surely was confused, when he barked, but at least demonstrated the ability to protect and keep his owners safe! To that we really admire it!

Maybe, we are the ones who are wrong about our thinking. The dog deserves some credit because he has never come across a tiger before. I don’t blame the dog, even that happened to me when I first took a look at the video, I thought that it was a real tiger. Critics have it that, even if the tiger was real, the dog was still not supposed to bark at it.

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