This Dog Was Hopelessly Crying On The streets Until She Came Along. What She Did Is So Moving!


It is very sad to hear that some dogs have to be on the streets IN order to survive, but unfortunately the truth is that out there, we have countless dogs with the homeless status.

When this dog called Benji was first found loitering in the streets, he was in a pathetic condition, with hunger and sickness. Luckily his struggle never ended there nor at a high-kill animal shelter. He was fortunate to have been rescued by veterinarians of the Vet Ranch, whom have saved numerous dogs.
When he was examined by the vets, they discovered that Benji was in a pathetic condition. This dog of the Schnauzer breed was ailing from a disease known as mange and never was he at ease with the humans, but was optimistic in striving and letting the vets help him. After Benji was given a proper shower and a haircut by the vet, he totally changed his appearance to a handsome dog.

He truly became a new dog and wagged his tail with a brighter face, when the doctors were done with his dental issues.Benji was given a new chance to enjoy life by the help of Dr. Kari and the whole group of the Vet Ranch team.

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