Dog Barked Loudly And Even Smashed A Window. Reason? Bless This Dog!


Sammy was a really nice dog, except for his loud barking that annoyed the neighbors a little. Turns out, this kind of aggressive barking is exactly what we need in our dogs. You want to know this!

So one day, Nicole and Melanie, two teens, are just passing by tending to their stuff, and then they hear one heck of a bark from some house in the neighborhood. Now, these two friends happened to really be into dogs, so they got curious and decided to do alittle digging around the neighborhood and uncover this mysterious very loud barker. And they found Sammy!

The dog was barking really hard, even hitting his snout against the window and shattering the glass. The two teens wanted to know why this dog was so “barky,” and they ended up helping Sammy save someone’s life. This is amazing!

Turns out, Sammy wasn’t really trying to annoy anyone. He wanted attention. He needed people to come over and help him save a life, and sure they did. This dog is a hero!

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