This Dog Was Abandoned By A Family When The House Was Sold. What Happened Next Left Me In Tears!


Should my house catch fire, one of the things I would risk my life to save is my dog. It’s beyond my understanding how an adorable dog was left abandoned in a house after her owners had sold the house. This happened in California.

This incredible rescue video was put across by Hope for Paws. Upon receiving the news about the abandoned dog, they immediately rushed to the scene. The dog was so terrified and kept warning them to keep distance. She even tried hiding but finally they were able to find her. She was then named Madison and was more than happy to receive the love she has always missed.

When Madison was rescued, she was filthy, matted down and covered in fleas. Madison was then taken to the vet and she is currently healthy and happy.

The best part of this story is that she ended up finding a place to call home; they shower her with love and will never feel lonely again!

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