A Cop Gets Near a Daring Man. See The Dog’s Response.


At this point we get to observe a K-9 police protest particularly in Front Royal-VA. It is quite interesting to see the speed at which the dog responds. Within a second, the dog is already up and it’s barking towards someone who was trying to attack.

K-9 dogs have been trained to help the police as well as other law enforcement groups in their activities. For example, they help in searching for lost people, explosives, drugs, protecting their owners and lastly to look for crime prospect proof. These dogs have the ability to remember various verbal and hand commands. In such cases, the most commonly used type of dog is the German shepherd and it is the breed that is mostly featured in this clip.

It is important to make it clear that such a dog can never be considered as a pet; in this case the dog is a competent officer. The dog has the ability to flinch whenever a movement is made at the same time the dog does not attack until he is ordered to.

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