I Can’t Believe The Dog Was Capable Of This. Not Even The Ambulance Can Separate Him From The Owner!


Watching this video is all that is needed for those who have doubts on a dog’s devotion and loyalty. I must confess that you will find it truly incredible!

This loving dog was the only special soul which insisted to remain on the owner’s side when the need for taking him to the hospital with the use of a stretcher arose. Immediately the ambulance’s doors were closed, this dog needed to do something and without wasting time it started chasing the ambulance while headed to the hospital. There was no chance of letting dad go since he knew he was right there!
The EMT workers were so shocked when they looked out through the rear window and saw the pup chasing the vehicle. Since the patient was not in a very critical condition, they decided not to tire the dog up and drove slowly so as to let him catch up. Finally, the pup made it to the hospital watched over Dad until he fully recovered.

This is enough to make you cry! I find it so amazing.

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