This Is How The Austin Police Department Guarantees Their K-9 Unit Safety During Summer


For the past 5 years, Cash has been working while accompanied by his close partner, Officer James Bowman from the Austin Police Department Canine unit. The two are always seen together and do everything to ensure their partnership is working.
During summer, the temperatures are so high and many dogs end up suffering whenever they are left in hots cars. But have you ever known that the police also try their best to ensure the loyal K-9 officer are protected? You are just about to discover that.
Officer Bowman reveals that he was to typically set his watch. Once they have worked for around 10-15 minutes, he leads Cash back into the car for the necessary air-conditioning.

It is worth noting that just like their human partners, police dogs are hardworking. They are able to do incredible tasks and save lives as a way of serving their community. Thanks to the training they go through, they are able to carry out all that.
They are not quitters and are known to have a high drive within them. According to Sgt. Christopher Gwaldo, they will keep on working until they pass out if not stopped.
Vehicles from the Austin Police Department have remote control which are meant for controlling the temperature within them. Whenever the cool air fails, they can also control the doors and windows. That means ensuring their K-9 unit is safe is given top priority – same as ensuring the neighborhood is protected.

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