Adorable Husky Gets Serenaded By The Beautiful Owners. What A Moment!


I love the beautiful and rich voice of Whitney Houston. One dog is lucky enough to have her owner serenade her with “I Will Always Love You,” a song from the talented singer.

In the video below, the young lady does something to her dog that will leave you green with envy. It is obvious that the dog is enjoying her angelic voice. I think a music record label should sign her up.

The husky snuggles her owner, a sign of bond and love between them. The lady strokes her dog as she serenades him. The song lulls the dog to sleep, and we see him nodding. I envy that dog. He appears relaxed.

Watch the video below,and you will wish you were that husky. If you enjoyed the video, please SHARE on Facebook.


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