Adopted Dog Repays Owners By Rescuing Their Newly Born Baby Girl.


Meet Duke, a humbled shelter dog. Six years back, a family had adopted him into their home. They treated him as one of the family members. Revealing, the owner confessed that Duke was such a humble and obedient dog that they never imagined having. But the family had no idea that one day Duke would be the savior of their little kid.

One night while they were sleeping, Duke leapt onto their bed and began shaking them strongly. At once they knew that something was wrong somewhere, as he never did that before. Waking up to inspect how their newborn daughter was, they were shocked to see her not breathing. They contacted 911 who rushed there and rescued their little one from dying.
Were it not for Duke, the baby would have died that very night. Watch the miracle clip below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!


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